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November 18, 2005

Scenes From an Afternoon Walk - 11/18/05

I went down to the souk this afternoon to fetch some of that famous grilled chicken one of the vendor's down there does ever so nicely, masha'Allah! Well, while I was waiting for my order, I walked across from the shop to the sidewalk where I noticed there were a few empty chairs and a short, small, square-topped table. Deciding to just relax while I waited, I selected a chair and sat down. It was just a few minutes later that I could not help but notice that immediately to my left, but up from me just a little higher, sat four men enjoying an afternoon game of dominos. Subhan'Allah...the scene just begged to be photographed, so I stood, and removing my camera from it's little carrying pouch, I pantomined my indication to them that I would like to take a photo of them sitting together at their table, enjoying their hot tea and taking turns smoking this pipe thing (my husband is asleep and I can't ask him to remind me what the actual name of it is right now; if I get back to this later I will update the post to insert the correct term). They gestured back to me in reply indicating, "Permission granted!" and I snapped the shot. And there you have it...a lazy Jummah afternoon down at the souk with friends. Subhan'Allah. Next up is your neighborhood Egyptian Dry Cleaners. *lol* You'll enjoy this one...the question of the day being...what do they do if it rains? Well, the good news doesn't rain much here in Alexandria - and if it does...well, that's just a good excuse for a nice cup of hot tea! This is a shot of a busy intersection in Samoha, very similar to many seen in the in D.C., and almost identical to one back home called, "Five Points". What caught my eye was the masjid. Al-hamdulillah. Ah, and now we have Garfield's cousin; Cranky Sam. *lol* I spotted this orange beauty sitting on the ledge of a third floor balcony. Well, seeing a domesticated cat for the first time called for a photo, to be sure! This guy is just as irritated as I am that he can't catch a good nap because of all the street noise! Is that face priceless or what? As I approached the front of the apartment building where I live...well...there he was right in front of me, curled up, sound asleep...the homeless kitty. Unlike Cranky Sam, this little guy didn't have a care in the world; and could certainly care less about anything that might have been going on around him. Subhan'Allah! Now this little guy I was jealous of! *lol* Copyright © 2005 - Aishah Schwartz Permission is granted to circulate among private individuals and groups, to post on Internet sites and to publish in full text and subject title in not-for-profit publications. Contact author for all other rights, which are reserved.

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  1. Masha'allah, such nice pictures and a great little taste of Egypt. I can't wait to visit myself, insha'allah. My faves are Cranky Sam and Homeless Kitty. What's so strange is how incredibly similar Homeless Kitty looks compared to my own kitty, Ayah! I would be happy to forward a picture of her to you, if you'd like. She's such a sweetie!

    ~Sarah from NC (Alex sister's group)