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November 12, 2005

Hijab in the Workplace

When I embraced Islam in April of 2002, I was still working away in the litigation department of a busy downtown Washington, D.C. lawfirm just four blocks from the White House.

During the first year-and-a-half that I worked with the firm I was just your regular American female dressing casual/professional for the office, always wearing my hair nicely styled, meticulously applied makeup, and sporting nails that were freshly manicured every other week in correlation with my pay dates. *lol* (Toes included!) 

So imagine being the proverbial "fly on the wall" the day I first walked into the offices where I was working wearing jelbab and hijab! It was the most incredible experience!

On the morning that I made the decision to wear my hijab to work a sign that I was doing the right thing came as I approached the mammoth glass doors to the main lobby of the office building.

As I reached to pull open one of the doors, the door opposite to me on the left began to push open simultaneously, and while everything that happened in those few moments passed so quickly that I did not even get a good glimpse of the person who spoke to me, barely even having a chance to respond because I was so stunned, what I heard clear as day were the words, "Assalamu Alaikum!" Subhan'Allah! That was the last thing I had expected to hear!

But, Al-hamdulillah, words and images that will remain forever embedded in my memory as I walked across the lobby, entered the mirrored elevator, pressed the "6" button for my floor, and gazed at my reflection on the elevator wall. My cheeks were flushed and my heart was racing as I contemplated what would happen once the doors opened and I stepped out...but having heard those words, I felt more like Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala was with me more than ever...and I was confident that I had made the right choice.

Thank goodness I chose my first day as one of the days in the middle of my boss's vacation because for the next two days I couldn't get one bit of work done for answering questions! Al-hamdulillah!

I never felt such wonderful support for a decision in my entire life! I was astounded! The reaction of my colleagues spoke volumes for the "diversity" policy that the firm is so well known for! Al-hamdulillah! Insha'Allah sisters young and old, new and re-newed (*smile*) you will wear your hijab with confidence, too! 

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  1. Assalaamaualaykum wa rahmatuallahi wa barakatuhu,

    Allahu akbar !!! Sis,Wht A lovely experience.Hijab indeed Strengthens the bond With Allah subhanawatala ,Self & Society.


  2. Assalaamaualaykum wa rahmatuallahi wa barakatuhu,

    Allahu akbar !!! Sis,Wht A lovely experience.Hijab indeed Strengthens the bond With Allah subhanawatala ,Self & Society.


  3. assalammualaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatahu.

    may allah be pleased with u.

    good decision in tough time.

    allah hafiz

  4. Assalaamou 'alaikoum Sr. Aishah,

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    Can you please email to me at to let me know if this is OK?


    Br. Rafik

  5. Salaam Aleykum

    Maa'shallah, Well Done sister, Insh'Allah its all still going well for you.

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  6. Wow, how uplifting your story! I was searching for something else - fashion information for those who cover in the corporate world, but tripping across this post is a blessing. Thank you for sharing it!

  7. Asalamu alaikum / peace,

    Please visit my new blog, where I'll be posting similar stories, advice on modest dressing, and much more insha Allah ta'ala


  8. As Salaamu Alaikum Sister! I so love your writing and I think this one has become a favorite! love and hugs! Isahah

  9. Thank you sister for truly inspiring & encouraging story! I wish I´ll have the same confidence too some day, inshaAllah. All the best for you from a newly converted sister (I converted less than week ago, December 16th)

  10. Reading your story reminded me of my first Hijab day. Alhamdullilah

  11. Thank you for inspiring story! I wish I'll have the same courage some day soon... I've just recently converted; less than a week ago (December 16th). All the best for you sister Aishah

  12. assalamualaikum
    im so proud of lucky and great you are, being a good muslim in west, although you are a revert.
    im muslim since i was born, but i just knew that hijab is Allah order when i was 19 yo. And it was not easy to do that. My Family, my friends are muslim, but they didnt suport me at all, even i was threaten. i showed them QS AnNur :21 and also QS Al Ahzab :59, but they dont care. But alhamdulillah, there is no reason to avoid Allah order.