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June 10, 2009

Aspartame Kills!

UPDATE: Venezuela Bans Coke Zero, Cites 'Danger to Health' CARACAS 

(Reuters) June 10, 2009 – The Venezuelan government of U.S.-critic President Hugo Chavez on Wednesday ordered Coca-Cola Co. to withdraw its Coke Zero beverage from the South American nation, citing unspecified dangers to health.

Every once in a while something grabs my attention that makes me feel compelled to stand up and shout! So, today's Public Service Announcement is about Aspartame.

Aspartame: What is it? (read more here: I highly recommend, especially for anyone using "diet" products, that you check out the World Natural Health Organization's official Yahoo group at:

The World Natural Health Organization's official web site is located at: 

Get the latest news on the fight to ban Aspartame here:


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02 Dec 2005 - New Study Suggests Artificial Sweetener Causes Cancer In Rats At Levels Currently Approved For Humans
01 Dec 2005 - Ajinomoto Fights Inevitable Hearings On Neurotoxicity Of Their Product, Aspartame, In Children's Vitamins And Medications  

The Truth About Aspartame...  
Aspartame is NOT a natural substance!
Aspartame is NOT a Diet Enhancement product!
Aspartame is NOT safe - for ANYONE!
Aspartame is NOT a food "additive"
Aspartame is an UNREGULATED and UNSAFE DRUG! (It was originally slated to be a peptic ulcer drug!)
Aspartame in liquids turns to FORMALDEHYDE above freezing!
Aspartame is even worse for DIABETICS!
Aspartame poisoning is cumulative (it adds up!)
Aspartame byproducts get stored in your FAT!
Aspartame has 92 "Official" Side Effects (the worst is DEATH!)
Aspartame MIMICS a wide range of problems
Aspartame side effects are USUALLY MISDIAGNOSED!
Aspartame is unfit for human consumption!
Aspartame's approval by the FDA is a SHAMELESS tragedy!
Aspartame's approval for use in EVERYTHING is far worse!
Who are the culprits? FDA, Searle, Monsanto, NutraSweet and more!
The ONLY "CURE" is total exclusion from the diet!
TOTAL recovery may not be possible!
Only an irate and active PUBLIC can rid the world of this POISON!
If YOU have been affected, REPORT IT! GET INVOLVED!
Symptoms of Aspartame Poisoning 

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