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January 24, 2006

Saudi Woman Poet Honored

JEDDAH, January 2006 — The Forum of Young Global Leaders, an affiliate of the World Economic Forum, announced yesterday that internationally acclaimed poet and writer Nimah Ismail Nawwab has been named a Young Global Leader. Nimah Nawwab, born in Malaysia to Makkawi parents, is one of 16 new Young Global Leaders from the Middle East and North Africa, and will join a global community now including 410 leaders from all regions and stakeholder groups. The Forum of Young Global Leaders’ Nomination Committee chose the 2006 selected members from among 3,500 candidates. (continued...) Image: Poet and writer Nimah Ismail Nawwab poses for a picture with Madain Saleh in the background. Arab News © 2006 Biography: Nimah Ismail Nawwab is an English-language writer, photographer, lecturer and internationally recognized poet. Her work, including her book, The Unfurling, has been featured in Newsweek International and the Los Angeles Times, among others. The first Saudi Arabian female poet to be published in the US, her work includes a historic public book signing in Saudi Arabia. Her poetry has been translated into numerous languages and taught internationally. She is an international poetry judge and facilitator and is currently working on two anthology projects concerning women and youth. Her interest in diversity, tolerance, women’s issues and youth empowerment has led to involvement in activities and presentations at international educational conferences and forums, including The Arabian Reading Association. She is a judge and workshop co-facilitator in the British Council's I Belong international project, which encourages young people to engage in the intercultural and creative process and to portray themselves creatively. Nimah is a member of the South East Asian Studies Institute and active with the Gulf Organizational group of MIT Peter Senge's Organizational Learning Society. Related: Women Artists Carve a Niche for Themselves Ebtihal Mubarak, Arab News JEDDAH, 16 January 2006 — Obstacles will not stand in the way of success if there is a strong will present which is determined to overcome them. History is full of hundreds of stories of people who fought against amazing odds in order to achieve their dreams and aspirations. Sometimes, however, history marches along without paying much attention to the achievements of normal individuals. (continued...) Arab News © 2006

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