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June 22, 2012

Egypt Election Headlines Round-up June 22, 2012

As the day approaches when Egypt and the world learns who will be the country's next President, news headlines reflect the divisiveness of its citizens.
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1. Headlines from Cairo independent journal El Nahar (The Day), "The Presidential chair burn Egypt", "The election land mines exploding", "Constitutional amendment Complimentary or Destructive?" (roughly translated)

2. Headlines from Cairo
 independent journal Al-Ahali (Citizens), "Constitutional amendment makes SCAF above the law", "SCAF wll give the new President little power", "Head of SCAF actually head of Egypt", "Budget no different than Mubarak's budget". (roughly translated)

3. Headline from Red Sea (Hurghada) journal, "Surprise in election; money can't buy people's opinions". (roughly translated)

4. Headlines from Cairo's independent journal Al-Nabaa Al-Watany, "Tantawi President if we accept or not", "Egypt on fire between SCAF plane and chaos or hijack the Presidential palace". (roughly translated)

5. Headlines from Cairo's independent journal Al-Masry Ayoum, "Brotherhood in the Square until parliament restored", "Sources say Sunday last day for election results". (roughly translated)

6. Headlines from Cairo's independent State paper, Al Gomhuria (The RepuHeablic), "Most dangerous 48-hours before the new President is announced", "Head of Parliament says impossible that Shafiq will win". (roughly translated)

7. Headlines from Cairo's State paper Al-Akhbar, "Worry in Egyptian street from the ghost of clashes", "El-Badarahi - Egypt on edge of explosion". (roughly translated) 

8. Headline's from Cairo's Muslim Brotherhood publication Al-Hurya & Adala (Freedom & Justice), "Today we refuse the coup on the revolution" -- slogan for demonstrations in Tahrir on Friday, June 22, 2012. (roughly translated)

9. Headline from Cairo's independent paper Shorouk News (The Rise), "The High Court discusses to repeat the election in 14 governates". (roughly translated)

10. Headline from Cairo's independent journal Al-Watan (The Homeland), ""Playing with fire--deal or blood". (roughly translated)

11. Headlines from Cairo's State paper, Al-Ahram (Pyramids), "American interior pressure for SCAF to announce result", "Diplomatic source in Egypt ask U.S. not to interfer". (roughly translated)
"Anyone has the right to elect or vote for who they want, but no one has the right to make me a disbeliever or Athiest because I didn't choose him." -Gabriel (Hany Dishna Samaty, Qena-Upper Egypt)
12. Headlines from Cairo's independent paper, Al Rahma (Merciful), "The secrets of the lost minutes or hours before the election result announced", "SCAF handcuff's incoming President with soft-coup on revolution". (roughly translated)

13. Headlines from Cairo's independent paper, Al Fajr (Dawn), "Mubarak refuse to die", "Shafiq 51.3% of vote", "The Red line that trade open borders between Gaza". (roughly translated) 

14. Headline from Cairo's independent paper Al Mougaz (Pray for the News), "Morsi is the President, congratulation for Qatar". (roughly translated)

15. Headline from Cairo's independent paper Veto, "Badea President for Upper Egypt". (roughly translated)

16. Headline from Cairo''s State paper Al-Ahram Weekly (English), "All's Not Over". 

17. Headline from Cairo's State paper Al-Ahram Hebdo (French), "En route to the Presidency".

18. Headline from Cairo's State paper Al-Ahram Weekly (English), "Decision Time".

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