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June 24, 2012

Egypt Celebrates its New President: Dr. Mohamed Morsi

Here's a 30-sec video of Morsi Presidential celebration from Tahrir. Just to give those without a way to know, what it sounds and looks like there today.

Alexandria, Egypt celebrates Dr. Mohamed Morsi first freely elected civilian President -- with 3% margin win over Ahmed Shafik.

PHOTO OF MORSI: First freely elected civilian President of #Egypt

Dr. Mohamed Morsi, Egypt's first freely elected civilian President. #HistoryMakingDecision

Hurdles to the announcement.

Hurdles to the announcement.

Hurdles to the announcement.

AJE's coverage from Tahrir.


MORSI: We are continuing to stay in Tahrir, our joy will not make us forget our Revolution. Our requests: 1) Abolishing the complimentary constitutional amendment (of June 17), 2) the Parliament to come back, 3) Abolishing the military policing authority and 4) the constitutional committee formed by the parliament is valid.

English translation above.

Sun is setting over Cairo and Qasr el-Nil bridge is a great big concrete dancefloor ‪#Morsi‬ ‪#Egypt

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