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January 27, 2008

The Grass Still Isn't Any Greener...

Bismillah Below is a blog post I found over at Suhaib Webb's blog...and my response... Ma'Salaama, `Aishah Social Worker Seeks Muslim Family To Adopt Child January 26th, 2008 Hi. I’m a social worker and counselor working with a young Somalian woman who wants to find a Muslim family to adopt her coming child. She is telling me that she doesn’t want a Somalian family or African-American family (for very complicated reasons) and is hopeful to find a Muslim family of another background. I’m interested in networking for ALL Muslim adoptive couples regardless of cultural/racial background to present to her- any ideas? I’m having a very difficult time finding any families, so any suggestions are welcome… Heather Van Brunt, M.Ed., LSW Pregnancy Counselor Children’s Home Society and Family Services 2230 Como Avenue St. Paul, MN 55108 651-255-2410 mailto:hvanbrunt@chsfs.%20org Assalamu Alaikum,

How tragic to read that you are finding difficulty in garnering volunteers to step-up-to-the-plate to ensure that this child is raised in a Muslim home. I weep sometimes for the state of the Muslim ummah...a classic example came just last night. I was walking home from the market just after dark and I paused to speak to a shop owner near my apartment building (in Egypt). It happened that I knew someone who owed a small debt to the shop owner, and I wanted to take care of it; ironically, as I paused-for-the-cause, three women, all clothed in abayas and hijabs, were also passing by just a little further up the street, when suddenly everyone heard screaming! One of the women had just been robbed of her pocketbook! The screaming woman ran into a nearby apartment building (I would assume she lived there), one stood in the street in shock, and the third one ran after the thief! Subhan'Allah. But the most shocking thing of all was this: There I stood, one man beside me; four men behind me; and at least a dozen men who had poured out of shops in the vicinity, and not a single one moved to follow behind the WOMAN in order to catch the thief. Every one of them just stood there gawking, talking among themselves and smoking cigarettes.

La hawla wa la quwwata illa billah.

I get fussed at for being a shut-in of sorts...but is merely eyes hurt me every time I do venture out... Ma'Salaama,

`Aishah Schwartz


  1. A similar thought occurred to me recently. I had pulled up in front of my building, in Jordan, and my daughter and I were gathering our shopping bags while still seated in the car. Out of virtually no where a beggar girl, known as a gypsy here, began banging on my window asking for money. I waved her off, since we are warned not to have dealings with these girls. Another girl joined her. I told my daughter to get out on her side and go in the building. I was about to get out when the girls opened my door for me and started moving in on me. I began to berate them in Arabic and move out of the car. Across the street stood two men, watching. I stepped out of the car and the younger one began to push her body up against mine. I continued to yell at them and push her back. The elder one became angry that I was putting up a fight. I slammed the car door and started to the front door of the building, from behind the older girl grabbed my hijab and yanked. I turned on them, furious, and saw those two men standing there stunned. Well, hello guys, a little assistance needed. I went inside in tears and my husband ran out to find them long gone. Where are the real men? The Mu'amineen?

  2. subhanallah.. and these people are supposed to protect us? *shakes head* thanks for this sis.. makes you realise, insha'allah im goin to pass the details for the lady onto a friend who i know is looking to adopt but she isnt a couple, although shes looking to get married to someone very soon insha'allah