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January 08, 2008

Aishah's Baby Brag Book

Assalamu Alaikum! Broke down after 5-years and got a new kitten. Named it on the 2nd day (Sakinah)...4 weeks later...I discovered it was a boy - not a girl! *lol* But he/she learned his/her name the first day...thought of changing it...but he/she's stuck with it...and a complex to boot, I'm sure! *lol* She is abyssian by heritage (it's an Egyptian thing going back 4,000 years!). In some photos you can see the distinguishing black circle (like a frame) around the outer part of the green in her eyes. It was funny, the other day I was outside at the Yacht club over here on the Mediterranean Sea with some friends having lunch, and there were a few stray cats roaming around looking for handouts. Two of them were beside me at one point, and I paid closer attention to their eyes...looking for the black circle around the green color (they both had green eyes) - but neither cat had it like Sakinah. She/he *lol* is really a handful, I'll tell ya. The characteristics and personality traits described for the aby cat are all there, but with Sakinah two are different. It says that abys aren't usually talkers or lap cats...but Sakinah talks up a storm, purrs like crazy, and can't stay out of my darn lap! Sometimes in the morning I wake up and she is sitting on my chest, curled up, looking dead into my eyes as if to say, "It's about darn time! I'm ready to play!" Favorite past-time: gnawing on my right forearm as if it were corn-on-the-cob; got the perpetual healing scratches and bite marks to prove it. Geez...what we will do/tolerate for the love of a critter... But I have to admit...even though I was totally unsure the first two or three days...(boy, I was nervous)...I mean...I wasn't sure I was ready...when Benji died I was crushed...and it can still make me cry if I think about I didn't know if I wanted to let myself go there again with a new cat...but I guess that's all history now! Anyhow, it's been nice to have this little one running around here - and let me tell ya, wherever I am, there she gotta be! But she has learned not to move too quickly; it's funny! She used to jump every time I moved, but now she's got it figured out that 9 times out of 10, if she chills out and waits a few minutes, I come right back to where I left her - and even though she doesn't move, when I reappear, her head is upright and looking expectantly for my arrival - and she sleeps on the rug near the apartment door waiting for me to return to say welcome home. We play hide-and-seek, too. Most of the time I get the other day she surprised the daylights out of me and GOT ME! I stood in the hallway laughing my tail off; it was too funny. She is always doing her little Halloween cat dance up to me when she wants to play. She'll bounce from the floor to the chair next to my desk. Pause on the arm of the chair with her hair-raising pose, and then pounce up onto the corner of my desk to the right of my laptop and, ears flat against her head freeze-frame - staring me down. I just look at her and say, "Who do you think you're talking to?" *lol* and she'll fly off the corner of the desk and race out of the room, down the hallway - for a minute. *lol* Then she's back again; tempting me to chase after her. And I actually do sometimes. Don't want any hidden cameras catching that action! *lol* OMG... I was told by her namesake that the name Sakinah means peace and tranquility...but I wondered why my Egyptian friends' eyes would pop when I shared the name with them...turns out that in Egypt there is a famous mass-murderer who's name was SAKINAH! intentions were good!!!

FYI...about a month into this relationship...*lol*...I discovered that Sakinah is a BOY! And that's the end of THIS cat tale! *lol* Ma'Salaama! `Aishah

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