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December 24, 2006

SURVEY: What is Marriage to YOU?

"The surgeon general has listed marriage as the number one cause for divorce..." *lol*

All kidding aside...what does marriage mean to you? Your comments would be most welcome. Please note that comments may be used in an upcoming article I am thinking of writing. If your comment is selected for use in the article, you will be notified and offered the choice of whether or not your comment is used anonymously, or quoted with your name. Of course, if you'd like to leave your prefered use option together with your comment, that would be most helpful, insha'Allah. Looking forward to hearing from you, insha'Allah!

Here are a some sample responses:

"It can be the most beautiful thing in life if the companions are truly compatible to each other (soul mates as they say), have the same vision about life and the hereafter and so base their marriage/life on the right principles."

"It's the bonding of two (or more souls) under God, and union of two families, to protect ones deen, and lead a well balanced life while better staying focused on the purpose of this journey. Any journey is easier to embark upon with a companion alongside."

"Basically marriage is a relationship and companionship between an adult man and woman sustained by love, intimacy, commitment, compromise, adaptation, and similarities in values."

"Marriage is about joining life and another and in the hereafter...someone who can be your better you become a better Muslim...a better person...someone who motivates you...and yet someone who you can has to be equal. Basically someone who you can have and be happy with...thinking you have everything in the just one person...without the materials of the world."

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  1. I donno what marriage means to others..but to me the word marriage is nothin but a biggest trial one can ever face..i sometimes think r really marriages made in heavens people created in pairzz..i have never faced any greater trail with my deen than this word marriage..not money not parents nothing...but this very word marriage..byGod....

  2. assalamu alaikum...marriage is a great word with great meaning..its for me a simple world..simple comunity built first by 2 persons..the most important for me in the marriage is the understanding between each other..respect each other..respect each other's opinions..and after that the loves comes right matter if both have different opinions about life or islam or anything..when both sometimes not always..i repeat it sometimes..when both has different opinions it would be better..coz having more than 1 opinion enriches the life itself..encourage minds of both to develope..and its not bad to understand the other vision and accept it with pleasure if u get convinced in it..
    only love is not enough at all..even its required so much..but before it as i said..we should have understanding and respect eachother..and when we have these basic things..we can start successful marriage where every single partner supports the other....

  3. I agree with Omar, love is not enough. When you marry someone you marry not just the individual but his family, his culture too. It is better to marry someone who you have the same values with, otherwise the rest of your lives will go by with explanations, negotiations, and compromise...

  4. All praises are for Allah,wa praise Him,we seek His assistence,and ask for His forgiveness.We seek refuge with Allah from the mischief of our souls and bad deeds.Whosoever Allah guides,will never be misled,and whomsoever Allah does not guide,will never be guided.I bear witness that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah without partners and that Muhammad is His servant and Messenger. Marriage is from one of the favors of Allah, because Allah's Messenger(sallAllahu 'alaihi wa sallam) was married, and he was and is still the great favor for this 'Ummah even though we have never seen him!