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December 10, 2006

Hey, Aishah! Where Have You Been Lately?

{{Laughing}} - Thought that would be a good intro for this post, after all, I was MIA for a month-and-a-half, right?
Okay! Okay! So I was in Pakistan! What?!?! *lol* That's right; Karachi, to be exact, as the guest of a wonderful friend that I first came to know during my stay in Saudi Arabia two years ago.
I was gone for a month, and as it happened, the dial-up internet service would not pull up the blog, so I could not post updates, which was totally frustrating, if you can imagine! *smile*
As it happened, I didn't get to take too many outdoor photos; it turns out that it is not exactly in one's best interest to "flash" personal possessions that might be considered of value to street muggers, i.e., jewelry, cell phones, or cameras! The one photo I took outdoors (above) was taken at night during a brief visit to the Arabian seaside.
I've now experienced Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Pakistan...and I am thinking of writing a comparative piece outlining the differences in the lives of women in these countries that might, insha'Allah, be helpful to more of us who live here in the west as we strive to gain a better understanding of one another. I know this is an issue among those of us who accept Islam here in the states, and as we try to integrate ourselves into pre-existing Muslim communities that were more often than not, started by immigrants.
The more effort we make to understand one another's cultures, the easier it will be to embrace one another in the true spirit of Islam. Insha'Allah.

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