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December 10, 2006

"Dude, Are You MUSLIM?!?!?"

I don't watch much TV, but as it happens, I have seen a little more than my share in the past few weeks. And I'm posting today because it was the second time I caught cleverly inserted dialogue suggesting to the viewing audience that Muslims are inherently violent.

Case in point.

I was flipping through channels Saturday afternoon and landed on WB50 (channel 18 on the cable line up I was tuned into here in Virginia) - and I happened to catch the opening of the Chris Rock sitcom, "Everybody Hates Chris".

Scene: Dialogue between Chris and classmate, Greg, on first day back at school.

After having his books knocked out of his arms while passing through a hallway on the first day back to school, Chris laments to his classmate that he is tired of being picked on, teased, and kicked around (not exact words, but along that same line), and ends his monologue with the declaration, "I'm not going to take it anymore!"

As the two boys rise from picking up Chris's books from the hallway floor, Greg says to Chris, with emphasis, "Dude! Are you Muslim?"

WHAT?!? I mean, seriously, WAS THAT NECESSARY??

I'm sure the program was broadcast in numerous other markets...but WB50 happens to be the one I'm aware of...every voice counts...if we remain silent more and more incidents like this will be repeated through popularly watched TV programs, after which this false message will take root in schools as children repeated it and more believe it...and our children will suffer needlessly. Isn't there enough suffering in the world?

I've sent this to the CW network by the can too:

Washington, DC's WB50: Feedback
Boston's CW56/WLVI-TV: Feedback
Providence's CW28/WLWC: Feedback
Hartford-New Haven CW20/WTXX-TV: Feedback
Baltimore CW54/WNUV: Feedback

Detailed Listing of 212 CW Affiliates HERE.

Comment was in first episode of second season or #23.

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