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March 08, 2010

MWA Supports International Niqab Day, March 8, 2010

A NOTE FROM INTERNATIONAL NIQAB DAY ORGANIZER, MARIAN VARGAS: Many many people don't understand yet why we (women) wear hijab, niqab. In many so-called democratic countries we find a persecution against hijab and niqab. But do they really know why women chose to wear it?

Have we asked ourselves why people are supporting politicians standing against a woman's right to choose, politicians who haven't even spent 5 minutes sitting with a covered woman to ask her why she chooses to cover? Many covering women are not only well educated, but also firm in their personal conviction that, from a personal perspective, they have made the choice that is right for THEM; regardless of the false implications purported by mainstream media.

The idea behind International Niqab Day is to wear Niqab for ONE, to stand in solidarity with Muslim Women who have chosen to wear niqab and to stand up for protection of their basic civil rights.

Vargas stated, "I lived in Egypt, Qatar and have been in Dubai and no one in those countries forces women to cover. I see many women with short clothes as they are from different religions and they are respect for [their personal choice]. You can find women in bikini in the pools and the beaches, so why we are [Muslim women] facing problems for wanting cover? What makes it ok for [one group] to be free to choose what they want to wear and [while another group is] not free [to choose]?

"As long as we don't unite this [form of discrimination] will continue. Non-Muslims that really believe in freedom and are tired of discrimination please [stand in solidarity] with us, and be part of the movement to learn and understand one another's differences, so we can co-exist in a peaceful environment."

*Alternatively, men (or women) can wear a black ribbon to support.

Read the Niqab story of Muslimah Writers Alliance Director, Aishah Schwartz  here.

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