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March 07, 2010

Gaza marks 1000th day of Israeli siege - Arab News


GAZA CITY: As the crippling blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip enters its 1000th day, the head of the committee against the siege called for protests across the world against the cordon on Sunday.

"The siege harmed the people, as well as the environment, health, economy and social life. It constitutes a serious attempt to suffocate the people and destroy their will,” said Jamal Al-Khodari at Gaza City.

Al-Khodari announced that 500 Gazans have died as a result of the blockade, with one person dying every two days. Most of them are patients who were not able to receive appropriate medical treatment.

He pointed out that one million Gaza residents live on humanitarian aid from Arab or foreign countries and the United Nations.

"The Palestinian economy has been completely destroyed, as the number of unemployed reached more than 140,000, which amounts to 80 percent of Gaza's workforce," said Al-Khodari. (continued here)

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