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May 22, 2008

Muslim Women Make Their Voices Heard

Assalamu Alaikum,

Check out the link at the end of this article…when you go to the page, you have to scroll down, it’s not layed out right, but that said, the music is something…wow…I couldn’t stop listening…some may have to get past being ‘offended’ by a few choice words in the first clip…but do it…it’s worth it.


Muslim Women Make Their Voices Heard

LONDON (AsianNews) May 21, 2008 – Female Muslim rappers, singers and poets from the UK, Europe and US have united to bring together a mixtape of unreleased songs.

Sisterhood includes material which deal with a range of issues ranging from the war in Iraq to racism, love, romance, living in a post 9/11 world, to women's rights issues, faith and personal experiences of being young socially conscious Muslim women in the West.

"This is just the first small step towards encouraging these artists and others like them out there to pursue their dreams and hopes," said Deeyah, the founder of the Sisterhood project who selected this first volume of songs from scores submitted to her.

She said: "This is a way to let them know they are not alone in their struggles and hardship to get their music and message out there.

"Although some of the ladies on the project are at the very beginning of their musical journey and just starting to explore and discover their creative and artistic expression I hope that with this project they will find inspiration and encouragement from each other to further develop and hone their craft."

She added: "Hopefully we can help create a platform to have their voices and opinions heard as both artists and Muslim women living in Western societies.

"Female Muslim artists face a tough time. There's very little support for them, many of them have been actively discouraged-- even by their own communities-- from expressing their thoughts and dreams through music. But they are not alone as this first collection proves...they have something to say and they deserve to be heard."

Sisterhood is streamed online on the world wide web from May 2008. For a listen visit

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  1. May 22, 2008

    From the blog at:

    Dear Patricia Dunn:

    I so enjoyed reading your blog, issues of showing kindness…if not love. I suspect most people follow some type of faith or ministry, as it were, but few walk as a testimony in the principles of God. I do find it very grievous and you are right, people do need to be better informed and particularly in what God says how we all ought to act toward each other, as expressed by Mr. Kamal Saleem. I’ve never meat a man that had it more right then all others put together. I was fortunate enough to watch his CD called the “Red Chair”, which opens one’s heart to the power of love, “praying to the God of Abraham.”

    Miss Dunn, should you or any of your colleges wish to watch this short “Red Chair” video, it’s free and available on his website.

    What is better then spreading the healing power of love then to infect with hatred?