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May 20, 2008

Please Donate Today - Kylie's Life Depends On It...

UPDATE (9/2/09): Kylie is doing well and thriving with her cancer ordeal behind her; sadly,scammers took advantage of her case recently back in her hometown of Florence, South Carolina.
In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatuallahi wa Barakatuhu, My dear brothers and sisters, friends and associates, Please allow me, first of all, to thank those of you who previously wrote a few months back when I first requested duas on behalf of my grand-daughter, Kylie. Today I am writing to update you and to plea for your help on her behalf. By way of re-introduction, let me share with you that Kylie Marie Porchea, who is such a courageous, very special little girl, was diagnosed at the tender age of just 10-months, with a rare form of cancer known as Retinoblastoma. Since her diagnosis, Kylie has endured 6-months of intensive chemotherapy treatment, in addition to receiving cryogenic laser surgery treatments at MUSC in Charleston, South Carolina. (Learn more about types of treatments here.) Sadly, despite the efforts of Kylie's doctors, the cancer has persisted, and she has subsequently been referred to a specialist facility in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where she was subjected to additional cryotherapy treatment. Kylie will return for follow-up treatment in June. The majority of Kylie's medical expenses have been covered through various channels, however, thousand's of dollars in unpaid fees remain outstanding, and additional expenses will continue to acrue in the months ahead. Your generous contribution toward helping to save the life of this precious little girl is critical. Please donate today via PAYPAL by visiting – click on 'donate money' and enter the email address: – and follow the prompts after that require additional information. IMPORTANT NOTE: You DO NOT have to set up a PAYPAL account to donate – you can donate with any major credit card or debit card bearing the MasterCard or Visa logo. Please donate today…Kylie thanks you. Jazakallahu Khayran. Ma’Salaama, `Aishah Schwartz
Please pass this information along, insha'Allah.
"Retinoblastoma (reh-tin-oh-blast-oma) is a childhood cancer arising from immature retinal cells in one or both eyes and can strike from the time a child is in the womb up to 5 years of age. This cancer is curable if caught early enough. However, 87% of the children stricken with this disease worldwide die, mostly in developing countries. In developed countries, 97% of those who do live have moderate to severe visual impairment. Retinoblastoma is a relatively uncommon tumor of childhood that accounts for about 3% of the cancers in children under the age of 15. The tumors originate in the retina, the light sensitive layer of the eye, which enables the eye to see. When the tumors are present in one eye, it is referred to as unilateral retinoblastoma, and when it occurs in both eyes it is referred to as bilateral retinoblastoma. 60% of the cases involve only one eye (unilateral); the rest affect both eyes (bilateral). 90% of retinoblastoma patients have no family history of the disease and only 10% of newly diagnosed patients have other family members with retinoblastoma."


  1. Dear Aishah
    Sorry to hear the unfortunate news about your precious little girl. May Allah be with you all during this difficulty. Our sincere prayers to Allah to bestow his benevolence for her to have a speedy full recovery and for you to have the resilience, patience and courage to endure the pain with her.
    Thuraya al Arrayed

    Dear Aishah,
    I'm so sorry. I've heard about your 10-month-old granddaughter's illeness. It must be really on you andher mother. My heart is with you dear. I hope she gets better.

    enshhaa allaha she will be good and has good future

    A S A Sis Aishah,
    Our heart goes out to your granddaughter, We all pray Allah give her Shifa. Ameen
    Br Mohammed

    Dear Aishah,
    Our prayers are with you and your family. May Allah grant her health and full recovery Inshallah and give you and the parents patience and strength.

    You have kids???? I never knew that you are a mother. May Allah heal your grandchild and restore her health. Cancer really sucks.
    Best wishes,

    Aisha, I pray for Allah's (SWT) will to be done and whatever it is he gives all you strength to accept and get through it and to make you stronger in your faith in him. Inshaallah, time will fly and you will be planning her wedding before you know it...:) Remember all things are from Allah (SWT).
    Please, know you are in my prayers.

    Assalam Alaykum,
    I pray that Allah will give you patience through this difficult time. I know how difficult this is because I helped take care of a small boy when he was diagnosed with this and now he is all grown up, he is 11 years old now, alhamdulillah. He was diagnosed when he was about 10 months old. May Allah give you strength. You are in my prayers and my duas.
    Your sister,

    Asalamu Alaikum Aishah;
    May Allah make this difficult and trying time easy for you, your daughter, son in law and granddaughter. You are in my prayers and duas.
    Please keep us posted on Kylie's progress.
    Wa salam,
    Joanna - Um Suhayb

    My dua's and heart is with you! May Allah make this easy on Kylie and the family with a quick easy healing process that is successful! May Allah give patience and understanding and strong faith during this hard time, and lots of strength to endure. My heart goes out to you! May Allah be merciful and work swiftly to heal this small baby girl! Insha'Allah May your hearts and minds be filled with patience and peace despite the hardships and trial ahead. Thinking of you!
    Mary Farrag

    Assalamu Alaykum Sis,
    I just felt that I needed to tell U that I have sent out du'a requests to many of my sisters & here are a few responses. I also included little Kylie's pic if U don't mind & sorry if I did wrong by doing this. She is just so beautiful that I needed to share her beauty with some of my dear sisters.

    asalaamu alaikum sister
    I'm sooooooo sorry to hear this, and yes of course I will make dua for little Kylie, her parents, and all of you inshaAllah. Take care sis.
    Sis Su'ad

    wa alaikum assalam
    Masha'allah, she is a BEAUTIFUL little girl. May Allah (swt) bless her and heal her and give comfort to her and the family. Amin

    Dear Aisha,
    Hasbuna Allah wa Ne'm Al Wakeel.
    My heart and soul reaches out to you in this testing time. May Allah speed her recovery and ease her pain and bestow his Shifa and Rahma on your sweet angel.My prayers are with you and her dear parents.
    Fatin Bundagji

    May Allah (swt) accept your dua for her. Ameen
    Tanveer A. Mirza

    Wa-alaykumusalaam.w.w. Dearest Sis,
    May Allah SWT grant her complete shifa and very speedy recovery. Ameen. Truly this is very, very shocking news! Me and my family are all praying for her...Fiamaanillahx
    Saarah Dana

    Assalam Alykom Sr Aishah,
    Jazakom Allah Khyran for honoring us to share this concern with you, May Allah bless her and her family.
    Br. Fadi

    I too, as Br Fadi said, ask Allah to get her well soon, Amen. And we make Duaa as our beloved prophet had taught us, “Oh Allah, cure her and get the illness away and heal, there is no true healing but yours, and cure her so she doesn’t get it back again” Amen
    Please keep us updated
    Ahmed Elkhaldy

    Salaam alaikum, Sis:
    Of course we will make du'a for Kylie and your family! May Allah give you all patience, mercy and Blessings.

    Wa Alaykum Salam Wa Rahmatuallahi Wa Barakatuh
    My dear sister. I have also asked many of my close personal friends & sisters in Islam to please keep Kylie in all of our du'a. I was advised from one of the sisters that Kylie be treated at a hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio. She just had her mom treated for retina cancer there. She said she will get me the details soon & I can pass them along to ya. I do pray that you also stay so strong during this difficult test from Allah SWT. I wish I could hug ya sis. If U need anything that I could help U with plz just let me know. Remember that I have the vonage box & if U want to call your family as often as U like, it is available. U will just have to call me first as I still don't have the ability to call Alexandria.
    Mary Farrag

    Salaam, Sister Aishah,
    Inshallah,I will make dua for her in sajjud. May Allah give you all peace atthis time and takeaway her illness.
    Amer Ahmad

    Subhanallah, my duas for this young sweetie. Insha Allah, she will recover fully. Hope all is well with you elsewise,
    Pamela Taylor

    MAY Allah cure her and grant her the good health and protect her from any harm, Ameen
    Fady Qaddoura

    May Allah(swt) cure her illness and give a better health and help her to grow up in the Deen of Islam,ameen.
    Ahmed Lamptey

    Sister Aishah,
    Wa Alaikum Assalam Wa Rehmatullah Wa Barakatahu,
    It's sad to hear that. But Allah SWT created this world for test and we are all going through it one way or the other. Allah SWT says in the Quran that only patient people will get their reward with no limits. May Allah SWT have Mercy on little Kylie, give her strength to go through this, deposit for her a big reward in Aakhira for going through this and give her quick recovery. May Allah SWT give enormous patience to her loved ones.
    Atif Sajid

    Wa Alaykum Salaam Dear Aaishah
    May Allah grant Kylie shifaa andcomplete 'aafiyah. Allah does not place upon anyone a burden they cannot bear, Subhan Allah, this just shows how strong Kylie is, mash Allah. May she taste success in everything , in this life and the next. My prayers are with you all.
    Take care

    Salamwalaikum Aishah,
    Kylie is in my duas and may Allah give you strength and comfort during this difficult time. My mother succumbed to cancer 2 months ago and I feel your pain. Inshallah Kylie will get well soon and be back with her smile.
    Your brother in Islam
    Reza Rahman

    Wa'Salam 'Alaikum
    It must be very hard for your family. Please keep Patience in this difficult time. May Allah accept our dua and give her quick recovery. Ameen. She is must be very precious to your family and now to us too. We will make our sincere dua. I have seen many times that Allah have granted us more blessing than we asked for.May Rahamnur Rahim grant her good health and make her one of the righteous Muslim.
    Mohibullah Ullah

    Salaam Alaikum Aishah,
    My prayers are with you and your family and sweet little Kylie! Masha Allah she is beautiful. Children are so strong even thought they are so small. God willing she will be fine. Be positive, strong and accepting. Remember Allah is merciful is His will.
    Love and Salaam,
    Susan - Om Adam

    May ALLAH bless her and her family and cure her with his Mercifullness Power, ameen.
    As-alu ALLAH Alatheem, Rabul Arshil Atheem an Yash-fiha).
    As-alu ALLAH Alatheem, Rabul Arshil Atheem an Yash-fiha).
    As-alu ALLAH Alatheem, Rabul Arshil Atheem an Yash-fiha).
    As-alu ALLAH Alatheem, Rabul Arshil Atheem an Yash-fiha).
    As-alu ALLAH Alatheem, Rabul Arshil Atheem an Yash-fiha).
    As-alu ALLAH Alatheem, Rabul Arshil Atheem an Yash-fiha).
    As-alu ALLAH Alatheem, Rabul Arshil Atheem an Yash-fiha).
    I ask GOD the Great, the lord of the Great Throne to cure her. (7 times as per the Hadeeth)
    Muhammad R. Elhabashy

    as salamaamou alikum Sorry about yr Grand baby May Allah help her and make you and yr family Strong to deal with the Cancer. Allahu allim
    Aisha Issa

    fajr is coming in momentarily. i will remember her in my prayers, iA. salaams.
    Indiigo mingus-klyne

    Dear Aishah Schwartz AAWRWB
    I learned about your granddaughter, who is sick. May Allah SWT Bless her with immediate cure and full recovery and grant her Shifa-ekulli and complete health and strenghth. Insha Allah I will keep praying for her health and speedy recovery. May Allah SWT bless you and all members of your family His Fadl, Rahmah and Patience. Maassalam.
    M. Hussain Imam

    Assalamo Alaikum,
    Very sad to hear that, my sister also going through this process, may Allah give complete and speedy recovery to your Daughter and my sister.
    Naseer Tahir

    Praying for her.
    Amatullah Abdullah

    Dear Aishah,
    May Allah be with you and her. It is so so sad, children with cancer seems an ultimate pain fro the child and parents. Hope she'll be able to survive it well inshaAllah. How old is she? My heart goes to you.
    Hatoon Ajwad AL FASSI (Ph.D)

    Sister Aishah Schwartz
    May Allah recover your granddaughter from her illness and she grows healthy and hearty as if no illness ever touched her. May Allah respond her to her treatment and her cancer go away like it had never been. (Amen)

    May Allah give her shifa very soon and also make all the process easy for her Ameen.
    Wajhi Khawajhi

    May Allah cure her and make it easy on her and the family-Ameen. My father was just diagnosed with Luekemia so I know its a tough time but inshallah with Allah's grace He will listen to our prayers.
    Farah Chohan

    Salamo alaikom Aishah, I was so hurt to hear about your granddaughter, my sincere dua will be to her and my daughter as well, I feel your daughter's feelings as a mother, as my daughter was born with a spinal cord befida and may require an operation and she is just 4 months old.... May Allah swt cure all of the little children , Ameen.
    Lobna Elhaw

    Salam Aisha,
    It is heart aching to know about this. Allah SWT id very Kind & Merciful He will give her Shifa. We are praying. Surat Al Fatiha is also known as Surat Al Shifa. May Allah grant His Shifa & heal her for good.
    Best Regards
    Sabeeha Kazmi

    May Allah (SWT) remove the sickness from her and make her better soon, Ameen.

    Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatuallahi wa Barakatuhu,
    May Allah give baby Kylie and your entire family strength to endure this adversity and heal her quickly.

    Dear Sis,
    Assalamu alaikom...may ALLAH swt make it easy for all of you in these times. I will make dua for your granddaughter for her fast recovery inshaALLAH. Just be strong sis...
    Aisha A.

    Dear Sister Aishah,
    I am making so much dua for your precious granddaughter. May Allah remove her illness, preserve her sight and health. Ameen. I really do not know what else I can say to you my dear sister except that you should tell your daughter and her partner that their sweet baby is in our prayers. Love and hugs-
    Your sister- Hodan

    Assalamu Alaikim Sister Aishah,
    May Allah SWT take care of little Kylie and give her strength through this difficult time in her precious life. My thoughts and du'a are with you and your family.
    Emily Khan

    Assallamu alikum dear I am writing, my tears couldn't stop flowing for the thought of your sweet granchild who has to go so much assured that Allah SWT will take good care of her and I will definitely make du'a for her and your family always! Take good care sis!

    Asalaam Aleykum sister Aishah
    I will keep your grand daughter in my duas sister, may Allah make it easy for her and her family .

    Salaams dear Sr Aishah,
    May Allah make it easy for her and for all of you (ameen) and may all harm flee from her by the Mercy of Allah (ameen thum'ameen). you have all my prayers.
    With love,

    My heart goes out to you and your family, sister. I certainly will keep her in my prayers
    with duas and best wishes,

    Salam Sister,
    My heart goes out to you, InsyaAllah I will doa for the little girl.
    sister aminah

    Our prayers from here are certainly with you....

    Dear Sister in Islam
    Assalaamu 'Alaikum
    I have been deeply saddened to hear about your little grand-daughter's illness.
    May Allah, Subhanahu wa Ta'ala, have special Mercy on her and grant her speedy and complete recovery. May He (S) give Sabr' and fortitude to you and other members of the family to be steadfast in your Imaan during these trying hours. AAMEEN. We'll pray for her in Masaajid, insha'Allah.
    Your brother in Islam
    Khurshid Khan

    May Allah give your granddaughter a healthy speedy recovery, and give you and your family patience and reward.
    Isam Estwani

  2. May Allah swt give patience to both parents and mercy to your granddaughter..that she will recover soon.

  3. Dear Aishah, I went through chemo-therapy myself for lung cancer and have been in full remission for 23 months now. I am so sorry to hear about your grandchild, and I know that she will be miserable during the process. However, miracles are being performed every day. This is the reason I started An Army of Bloggers, to fight this dreaded disease with everything I've got.

    I will keep your granddaughter in my prayers as she certainly is a very cute little one.


  4. Assalamu Alaikum,

    Its been a while, I pray to Allah that Kylie has begun her recovery. She is such a beautiful little girl.

    Please email me, I would like to share some information with you.

    Your Sister in Islam