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April 04, 2006

CNN Revives Murder Probe of LA Muslim Woman

By Aishah Schwartz April 4, 2006 It was 15 months ago that Iman Muhanna, 42, and 6-months pregnant, was found dead in the bedroom of her Metairie, Louisiana home. She had been viciously stabbed 33 times. The couple's unborn daughter did not survive...(more) Source: IBN ALSO AT NASEEBVIBES.COM


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    I was randomly "googling" stuff about life in Saudi Arabia and got read you very informative piece "An American Muslim in Saudi Arabia". It seems you've left Jeddah for Alexandria. Just the same, thank you for relaying the mundane things I've been wondering about. My sister and I will be working in Jeddah some time soon and I'm doing all the research. So thanks again and I hope to read more of your work. God bless you.