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April 10, 2006

Aishah's Journey Continues...Cairo Bound! Insha'Allah.

Cabin fever has soooo set in, but Al-hamdulillah, sweet relief is on the way and I am Cairo bound on the 6 am train with my sweet sister and friend, Lobna! She has mentioned before that I should come for a visit - and now seems like a good time - before it gets too hot! Insha'Allah! There are a few other sisters in Cairo that I will try to meet while I'm visiting - Sister Taqwa at is on the list, insha'Allah. I've so been wanting to meet her! I will snap some scenic photos, insha'Allah and share in the days ahead. Please remember Lobna and I in your duas as we travel, insha'Allah. Jazakallahu khayran! Ma'Salaama.

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