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March 20, 2006

Scene from an Afternoon Walk...Allah Akbar!

As I was returning home from my afternoon walk, it came time for Asr prayer...and subhan'Allah, a lone fisherman stopped to pray on a section of newspaper laid out on the surface of a concrete block held down at the corners with his me...this was just beautiful - subhan'Allah.
Copyright © 2006 Aishah Schwartz

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  1. Salaam Walakium My Dear Sister Aishah

    I would really love to visit Egypt someday and meet my hubby's family. I have only met 2 of his family members so far and I so anxiously wait to meet the rest of his family. These pictures you took remind me of that hope...that someday I will meet his family and see beautiful things like the gentleman who performed salah by the shore Mashallah this is really a blessing to see. Love the pics of Alexandria it reminds me of some of the pictures my hubby has shown me. Pictures tell a story and I think that this was definitly accomplished with your photos. Allah Berefeekum your sister in Islam.