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December 11, 2005

Here's a Bright Idea...

Go to Yahoo or Google (whatever your favorite search engine might be) and type in the search box "*your name* Needs" ... the quotation marks are important because they make it an exact match. For instance, since I'm Aishah I'll type in: "Aishah Needs" Pick your 3 best results and enter them in the "comment" section. I think the name "Aishah" made my list short...there were only four results in the search: Here are my three: (1) Aishah needs to buck up! (2) Aishah needs some friends! (3) Aishah needs me to be able to run around with her! Okay...this is what I do in Egypt on a boring Sunday night, as I sit closed up in my room because the main part of the apartment is filled with people speaking Arabic and I don't...sweet's a good excuse to not have to *visit* for five hours! *lol*


  1. Ok, here's my top three:

    1) Pamela needs to trust her talents and instincts so she can ride out the waves of...

    (I'm filling in the blank to read the waves of the publishing industry, cause man the surf can be a rough ride at times!)

    2) Pamela needs to apply a more consistent and disciplined approach to her study.

    (Hmm...ok, so I get carried away doing research and need to quit when I've got the info I need rather than spending six hours researching irrelevant stuff that's cool)

    3)Pamela needs to take medications regularly

    Hey! That's not true.

    Of course some of them down the line weren't any better - Pamela needs a new career, Pamela needs a new man (!!), pamela needs fluids??

  2. I put that in google. i guess i only need Allah :-)

    Your search - "Sakinah needs" - did not match any documents.

  3. ooooh, I am laughing alot. There are too many for my name that it is hard to know which ones to choose, but here they are:

    1/Financial ace Louise needs a juggling trick

    Hmmm... no way am I a financial ace ;) and I can't juggle so definately need help from a clown :o)

    2/Louise needs new unwrapped toys for all ages

    yeah, yes please, I love toys-I'm a big kid at heart :p

    3/All Louise needs to do is make a choice. Who knows what Louise needs better than Louise does?

    Oh, *puts hand up enthusiastically* I know the answer, 'pick me pick me' ..hehehe... Allah knows whats best for me. Alhumdulillah

    4/ please let me do four..heheheh
    Whenever Louise needs to use a voice, she always chooses her own, and you can't get a higher personal recommendation than that. ...

    Who elses can I use?!?!?!*puzzzzzled*

  4. These are the top four for my hubby and close friend, sorry can’t seem to stick to three,and I am going crazy time wasting now :-P


    LOL LOL LOL… I find this hilarious although its not true-Don’t think there is anyone he would least like to be like.

    2/“Abu needs solitude. He may get an idea while sitting alone, but I could get one

    Hmmm… He just asked me to turn the volume off cos he is studying, grrrr…. Guess its true, I study with music ;)

    3/Abu needs a shower and some sleep

    Hehehehehehe… he hasn’t had his night shower yet… and it almost three am and still studying

    4/Abu needs A hug
    I liked this one. I would say Abu always needs a hug

    1/Angela needs prayers

    aww that’s so sweet, she has been going through hard time, my dua’s are with u girl

    2/Angela needs a family who will access and work with a therapist

    LOL, I bet she wishes they would the way they are behaving about her accepting Islam

    3/Angela needs singapore's heroin for drug manufacturing and can look the other
    way because she is a heartless witch.

    WOW, maybe she has some dark secrets :p just joking this isn’t the angel I know ;)

    4/Angela needs to constantly "feel" the presence of God

    I like this comment too, we all need to feel the presence of God, inshAllah

  5. Louise! You are making me laugh! Glad you are having so much fun!

  6. Wahhhhh, I wanted to have fun. You girls got all the fun. Wahhhhhhhh
    But I guess for fun I choose the wrong name. Still Sakinah is in the Quran ;-)))))...what better place to find it and it means Tranquility...Tranquility that can only come from Allah. I also did it on other search engines and came up with nothing again. hum, tranquility in my life? Incha allah one day but for now my life is a circus :-))))))

  7. Ok here are a few of mine - Alya
    was only one my other name
    generated a few more

    "Alya needs a cash infusion"

    "Livia needs household help"
    (No kidding!)

    "Tony says Livia needs "a purpose
    in life"
    (Don't we all? Need to find mine

    "If Livia needs a bit of peace and
    quiet, she can simply tune her
    Society out and vanish from the

    (Now that would be nice)

  8. oh, I like ur name Sakinah ;) ..its a beautiful meaning too...

    salam ladies enjoy

  9. Assalaam 'Alaikum!
    What an amusing idea! lol!
    Here are my results!
    1.Shaz needs a new Toy!
    Ermm!!! That should be Ilyaas (my baby) needs a new toy! bu nahh..he's got more than enough already stocking up
    2.Shaz Needs Help!
    Yikes!!!This one I need!!! Managing two groups!!!
    3.Shaz Needs a 2005 UB40 fix
    I really dunno what that means
    4.Shaz needs an Avatar!!!!
    5.Shaz needs a brand new funky hair cut!
    How did they know!!!!
    Fi Amaan ALLAH!

  10. As Salaamu Alaikum,

    "Amatullah Needs" had just one result.

    1). Amatullah needs Financial help.

    Now is that true??? lol

  11. Assalamu alaikum!
    Neat idea! Od course with such a common name as Sarah, I turned up tons, lol!
    I'll share Sakinah!

    1. Sarah needs a haircut
    Mmm hmm, that's the truth!

    2. Sarah needs a cold shower
    Brrr, no I don't!! Lol!

    3. Sarah needs to start dating again
    What?! No thanks! Lol!