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February 12, 2017

Birthday of Abraham Lincoln: Let Us Not Forget...

I note that the American Civil Liberties Union is recognizing Feb. 12 as the birthday of Abraham Lincoln. Let us not also forget that under the order of Abraham Lincoln, on December 26, 1862, thirty-eight Santee Sioux Indians dangled lifeless in the air. A spectator boasted that this was "America's greatest" public execution."

What brought about the hanging of the 38 Sioux Indians in Minnesota December 26, 1862 was the failure "again" of the U.S. Government to honor its treaties with Indian Nations. Indians were not given the money or food set forth to them for signing a treaty to turn over more than a million acres of their land and be forced to live on a reservation. #NoDAPL #StandingRock

A memorial to the memory of the dead now stands in downtown Mankato in Reconciliation Park.

Abraham Lincoln - DOB: February 12, 1809.

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