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September 17, 2012

Our Prophet - Our Honour "What Non-Muslims Say About Prophet Muhammad"

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  1. but why didn't they convert to iislam f real they found out the truth?

  2. as I believe reason for it been as such is because the only way a non believers will believe Islam is from the point of view of their own.

  3. In photo number 2 Bernard Shaw there is an error. " my opinion for from being an Anti-Christ..." should be " my opinion far from being an Anti-Crist..." they should edit that.

  4. to convert or not is one's choice but to recognise someone as great came from the real heart. to be of different religion does not mean he is a liar to complement others. great people recognised and complemented others because the had great intelligent...

  5. After researching Muhammad, i realized how real he was. It surprised me that most of the details of his life are true. Apposed to being false or myth.
    But people need to realize that god Is false. Allah and god is nothing but a superstition. A fantasy.