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March 10, 2011

March is Women's History Month - Help Free All Palestinian Women Political Prisoners

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Since 1967 more than 12,000 Palestinian women were detained by the Zionist entity. During the First Intifada 3000 women were detained and during Al-Aqsa Intifada more than 900 women were locked up behind Israeli bars.

Currently, there are 35 Palestinian women detainees in the Israeli prisons Damon and HaSharon: among them 3 administrative detainees, 8 await trial, 23 sentenced of whom 5 are serving life sentences. Palestinian female detainees, like their brothers in detention, suffer from the brutality of the Israeli Prison Authority.

They are punished for the slightest thing with isolation, are beaten, harassed, tied up for hours under hot sun or under rain, deprived of sleep, their rooms raided at night, continuously denied family visits and calls back home, and letters are sent and brought only once every 3 months.

Water is very dirty and food is inedible, thus the detainees are forced to buy their food and water from the prison canteen for very high prices. Some political prisoners are also locked up with Israeli criminals who abuse them. Their cells are over-crowded, damp, lack hygiene and are infested with insects.

The detainees are also denied appropriate and much needed medical treatment and most medications are expired; 13 detainees are in need of medical treatment.

Amal Faiz Jum’a from Askar refugee camp suffers from womb cancer while Raja’ Al-Ghoul from Jenin refugee camp suffers from heart and blood pressure diseases and both don’t get the need treatment.

Female detainees are only allowed to see a general doctor and no specialists, and some were forced to give birth while hand and leg cuffed such as Mirvat Taha and Manal Ghanim.

Currently, there are at least 6 Palestinian mothers in detention. Others have their husbands or their brothers in Israeli detention as well, but are not allowed to visit them. Abir Odeh for example has 3 brothers in Israeli detention and Fatin Al-Shafi’ Al-Sa’di has a brother in jail.

Palestinian female prisoners currently in Israeli detention:

1 Amna Jawad Ali Muna, detained since 19.01.2001 (life sentence)
2 Abeer Isa Atef Amro, detained since 22.02.2001
3 Iman Mohammad Hasan Ghazzawi, detained since 03.08.2001, mother of 2 (13 yrs)
4 Ahlam Aref Shihadeh At-Tamimi, detained since 14.09.2001 (13 life sentence and 20 yrs)
5 Ibtisam Abdel-Hafith Faiz Issawi, detained since 04.11.2001, mother of 6 (15 yrs)
6 Lina Ahmad Saleh Jarbuni, detained since 18.04.2002
7 Sana’ Mohammad Husein Shehadeh, detained since 24.05.2002 (3 times life sentences)
8 Qahira Said As-Sa’di, detained since 30.05.2002, mother of 4 (3 times life sentence and 30 yrs)
9 Ireena Buli Shuk Sarhan, detained since 22.05.2002, mother of 2 (life sentence)
10 Du’a’ Ziad Jamil Al-Jayyousi, detained since 07.06.2002 (3 times life sentence and 30 years)
11 Warda Abbas Abdel-Fattah Baqrawi, 16.10.2002
12 Latifa Mohammad Mahmoud Abu Dira’, detained since 08.12.2003, mother of 7 (25 yrs)
13 Amal Fayez Jum’a, detained since 09.05.2004
14 Reema Riyad Hasan Abu Arrazaq Daraghmeh, detained since 28.07.2004
15 Mariam Salem Suleiman Tarabeen, detained since 24.01.2005
16 Wafa’ Samir Al-Bis, detained since 20.06.2005 (12 yrs, is in isolation)
17 Futna Mustafa Khalil Abu Al-Aish, detained since 21.07.2006
18 Wurud Maher Qasim, detained since 04.10.2006
19 Rawda Ibrahim Younis Habib, detained since 20.05.2007
20 Nada Ata Saleh Derbas, detained since 05.05.2007
21 Fatin Bassam Shafi’ Al-Saadi, detained since 20.05.2008
22 Sanabil Nabigh Yousif Brik, detained since 22.09.2008
23 Khadija Habash, detained since 22.01.2009
24 Raja’ Al-Ghoul, detained since 30.03.2009 (administrative detention)
25 Randa Shehateet, detained since 06.01.2009
26 Aisha Mohammad Abayat, detained since 13.08.2009
27Abir Mohammad Hasan Odeh, detained since 09.07.2009
28 Nisreen Abu Zeinah, detained since 18.08.2009
29 Ghufran Zamil, detained since 29.08.2009
30 Suad Ahmad Abdel-Ra’ouf Nazzal, detained since 22.08.2009
31 Hana Yahya Saber Shalabi, detained since 14.09.2009 (administrative detention)
32 Sumoud Yaser Hasan Karajeh, detained since 15.10.2009
33 Nili Zahi As’ad Sa’id, detained since 11.11.2009
34 Muntaha Khlaid Rashid Al-Tawil, detained since 08.02.1010, mother of 4 (administrative detention)
35 Alia Abdel Majid Al-Natsheh

In addition to Palestinian female detainees in Israeli jails, the Zionist entity imprisons the bodies of 7 Palestinian female martyrs:

1 Dalal Said Mohammad Al-Mughrabi, killed on 11.3.1978
2 Darin Abu Eisheh, from Jenin, killed on 17.02.2002
3 Zeinab Isa Abu Aalim, from Askar refugee camp, Nablus, killed on 22.04.2004
4 Hanadi Tayseer Abdel Malik, from Jenin, killed on 04.10.2003
5 Wafa' Ali Khalil Idris, from Al-'Am’ari refugee camp, Ramallah, killed 21.1.2002
6 Ayat Mohammad Lutif Al-Akhras, from Dheisheh refugee camp, Bethlehem, killed on 29.03.2002
7 Hiba Azim Daraghmeh, from Toubas, killed on 19.05.2003


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