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February 11, 2011

After Visiting Tahrir Square American Activist Aishah Schwartz Delivers Message to U.S. Citizens

"What Egyptians need from Americans who want to help with the Egyptian Revolution is for YOU to stop YOUR government from ruining the Egyptian dream." Ahmad Darweesh, Engineer, Cairo Egypt.


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PRLog (Press Release) – Feb 11, 2011 – (EGYPT) I spent the 15th day of the Egyptian Revolution in Cairo's Tahrir Square as a humanitarian in empathetic support of the ongoing battle of the Egyptian people in their quest for true democracy as they fight to oust a regime that, for the past 30-years has instilled a deep rooted distrust of its leadership.

Arriving to Tahrir Square in the early morning before the masses had descended; I was invited to join friends in the camps for breakfast and lively conversation. Afterwards, I was guided around the square in a tour of what has now morphed into a literal living museum.

As Tahrir Square began to fill in those early morning hours, listened and observed, and my heart filled with pride for all they were striving to achieve.

On returning to my city, I sat once again in my flat glued to the TV and my laptop screen, watching and listening as for more than six hours millions waited in Tahrir Square for the anticipated announcement of their President's resignation–and I shared their pain when the belated announcement finally came that he would relinquish powers to his Vice President but would remain–a message that crushed the hearts of the Egyptian people, but empowered their resolve.

This morning a letter arrived in my Facebook Inbox that I felt immediately compelled to share with you. Ahmed Darweesh has said it better than I could have, so here is the message from Egyptians to U.S. citizens.

I implore Americans to act.


Dear American Citizens,

My name is Ahmad Darweesh, I am an Egyptian citizen. Maybe a lot of you don’t know me, but I spent a very long period of my life as a friend to the American nation who are longing for values of freedom and equality. We are spending now truly serious moments after all of the political tensions and accidents happened in the last 3 weeks, but we are winning day after day.

Mubarak each time is giving in more and his regime is falling down with the power of the people.

Egyptians are holding their ground in all cities. What you saw in Tahrir Square is only a sample of the state of refusal and anger towards corruption and injustice.

We gave a great example of democracy in Egypt.

We proved that we as people don’t make differences between people based on their gender, race, or religion.

We created in Tahrir Square a true example of a modern liberal society serving only the major interest of the country.

We are highly thanking every American who gave our revolution support. It gave us more will and better proof that we are not alone in our struggle, but I am an Egyptian citizen representing a large scale of Egyptians deeply afraid of your country's political statements against Egypt's regime–which is on the ground so far a statement against Egyptian nation–and the updates happened in the last hours can bring more worse expectations from the American side.

I shared a lot of Americans their anger against what happened in Iraq and Afghanistan, I know that you had no hand in these wars, but now you can do something.

You saw us in Tahrir standing up for the rights of innocent Egyptians who died or suffered because of a corrupt system, so you should do too.

A lot of Americans lost people, jobs, homes and there is ongoing military operations costing billions of dollars from your own money, you should stand up against that.

Many of our young men and women died in Tahrir Square, suffocated with tear gas bombs which were made in USA.

You should stop supporting that.

Israel is withdrawing billions each year from your money to secure their unjust state, you should stand-up against that.

A lot of corrupt systems in the region are supported from your government by billions of your money to guarantee their consent towards any American policies in the Middle East. You should stand-up against that.

And most importantly an expected military move towards Egypt can be made under the claim of securing the peaceful progress in the political situation in Egypt.

Egyptians started their revolution peacefully and want to end it peacefully. All the progress we made was on our own with the help of the sincere Egyptian military organization which proved so far that it is working for the supreme Egyptian interest not for Mubarak.

Dear Americans, Mubarak is falling. The people are winning. The Army is in service, and the country is recovering.

What Egyptians need from Americans who want to help with the Egyptian Revolution is for YOU to stop YOUR government from ruining the Egyptian dream.

>>>>Call the White House Comments Line: (202) 456-1111 or Switchboard: (202) 456-1414

>>>>Fax a letter to the White House at (202) 456-2461

>>>>Email the President at or at

>>>>Join the protests in front of the Arabian Embassies supporting the Egyptian people; join the protests in main streets, in front of the White House, anywhere!

Don't let the U.S. government spoil Egyptian freedom.

All the history of friendship between the Egyptian and American nation depends on the events of the next few months.

For freedom's sake, don't let U.S. troops hijack our hope.

Your friend
Ahmad Darweesh


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