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January 19, 2011

A Documentary for Al-Jazeera (Arabic) زمام المبادرة - عائشة شوارتز / Lead the Way - Aishah Schwartz, Director Muslimah Writers Alliance (MWA) and MWA member, Rania Marwan of Cairo, Egypt

Muslimah Writers Alliance (MWA) Director, Aishah Schwartz, of Washington, DC and MWA Member/Newly Published Author, Rania Marwan of Cairo, Egypt meet one another in person for the first time when asked to participate in a short-documentary produced by iFilms of Cairo, Egypt for Al-Jazeera (Arabic) in the summer of 2010.

The program, originally aired December 1, 2010, sets out the basic concept behind MWA and showcases the works of just a few of its 200+ members, in addition to touching on Ms. Schwartz's use of writing as a form of activism. 

Established in 2006, MWA is an internationally-based collaboration of Muslim women writers and advocates working together to counter negative and inaccurate perceptions regarding members of the Muslim community and the Islamic faith.

PRESS RELEASE: Muslimah Writers Alliance Documentary on Al-Jazeera 
زمام المبادرة - عائشة شوارتز / Lead the Way - Aishah Schwartz

PRESS RELEASE: Muslimah Writers Alliance Member Rania Marwan of Cairo, Egypt Publishes First Book- 'Laila and Pesto the Fly" is a childrens adventure in learning that is equally as inspirational as Rania's success story!

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Words cannot express my gratitude to Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala for the opportunity to participate in this project; nor are there words enough to say how much it meant to share this experience with my dear, sweet sister, Rania Marwan. ♥

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