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December 29, 2009

MWA Director, Aishah Schwartz Among 100 Chosen to Join Gaza Freedom Solidarity March Departing from Cairo Dec. 29

This is it everyone; the Egyptian government has granted permission for 100 delegates to proceed onward to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people in their March for Freedom.

And I am one of the 100, that is quickly dwindling down as protestors outside the bus chant, "All or none." "All or none."

All I can say is - nothing happens without the permission of Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala. I came here independently. Every step of my journey has been facilitated. Sitting beside me is a sister from Norway, Margrethe Salvesen - she is shouting even  ow from the doorway of the bus to the crowd on the sidewalk - "There are no voices in Gaza! This is not a war!"

I agree. I said to Margrethe, and I said to those on the bus, "If you are a believer, trust God. You are here for a reason. Don't get off this bus."

Outside roughly 300 chant, "We stand divided!" "We stand divided!"

To which we reply, "You don't live in Gaza! You don't live in Gaza!"

I will do my best over the next 48-hours to keep everyone updated.

Trip of a lifetime? I suspect so.

Please remember the delegation, and the Palestinian people in your prayers. Jazakallahu khairan.

P.S. I've just been handed a bag for delivery to the Katthan Center in Gaza; the woman pleading with me to take it. I will.


  1. Dear sister Aishah.
    I just can't tell how happy I am to read your bogg. I am sister Margrethes friend, we are close friends and now also sisters alhamdulillah, and really I was HAPPY to see her picture with you at the bus.

    Hope to meet you! Ins sha ALLAAH
    Keep up the good work, may Al-Khaliq, Our Creator, give you strength and peace. Ameen
    Salam aleikum
    Your sister Jasmin

  2. mashallah! you give us all hope. Inshallah, this trip and all the efforts exerted by you or the amazing people around you will not and has not been wasted. Keep standing form those that can't! Keep voicing out the pain for those that can't! Keep giving the hope to all of mankind that true goodness, kindness and strength is still within us... thank you :)

  3. Alhamdulilah Sister Aisha, InshaAllah Allah(SWT)will guide you during this worthwhile and needed journey; ensure all of your freedom riders safety and bring you all back fullfilled with the knowledge you have helped to bring about some justified justice in this world we all live in. Keep up the great work> I have sent your blog out to hundreds in the Pacific Northwest to keep an eye on the freedom march through your writings.! Salams!

  4. Salaam aleycum! Wish I could be there with you, you are in my prayers. May Allah ta'ala give you what you came for, and may He in His almightyness liberate the people of Gaza, insha Allah amin. Kadija Tanja.