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July 17, 2006

MAS Freedom Foundation Announces National 'No Justice-No Peace' March on Washington August 12, 2006

Interfaith Peace Coalition Lifts Voices for the Oppressed

July 17, 2006 By Aishah Schwartz CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA - The Muslim American Society's Iowa chapter (MAS-Iowa) held its first American Justice for Palestine 'AJ4P' rally in protest of Israeli aggression this past Friday, July 14, in front of the Federal Building on First Avenue in Cedar Rapids. Those gathering for the 'AJ4P' rally represented an interfaith alliance of Christians, Jews, and Muslims, among others. Participants chanted and marched together carrying signs with slogans ranging from, "Every Soul Counts", "Not in Our Name", and "End Israeli Occupation" to "Free Palestine Now". (Photos and TV-Station coverage.) MAS-Iowa President, Ahmed Elkhaldy led the rally as participants lifted their signs and voices in protest of the U.S. government's support of Israel’s recent illegal military campaign waged against Palestinian civilians and most recently, the country of Lebanon. Miriam Amer, MAS Freedom-Iowa Director and rally organizer stated, "Israel’s recent invasions of Gaza and Lebanon, and the targeting of their civilian populations and infrastructures, constitutes a collective punishment against the Palestinian and Lebanese people; this is a blatant disregard for human life." The MAS Freedom-Iowa demonstration re-affirmed MAS Freedom National's pledge to defend the rights of the Palestinian people and to promote development of a U.S. foreign policy that embraces real peace in the Middle East. MAS Freedom-Iowa together with the Arab-American Institute will co-sponsor another 'AJ4P' Rally Friday, July 21 in Iowa City’s Pedestrian Mall at 5 PM. All are welcome to attend. For more information, contact the MAS-Iowa office at (319) 892-0256. MAS Freedom Foundation National initiated the American Justice for Palestine 'AJ4P' campaign on June 28, 2006 when it denounced Israel's June 27 invasion and bombing of Gaza. MAS Freedom subsequently began its campaign of rallies in front of the Israeli Embassy in Washington, DC on June 29 (photos), followed by subsequent rallies on July 6 (video) and July 14. MAS Freedom chapters in Arizona, New York, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, Minnesota, California, Massachusetts, Colorado, Iowa, Illinois, and Michigan have already held or planned 'AJ4P' press conferences, vigils, and rallies. As the 'AJ4P' campaign continues to take shape across the nation additional direct action event dates will appear on MAS Freedom's 'AJ4P' Event Tracker. The event tracker, suggested guest speaker list, and information about how you can contribute to the 'AJ4P' campaign are all available at Sign MAS Freedom's Petition to President George W. Bush Today!

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